Have you failed? Economically, artistically, does your Mommy like your art?

We, the FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, are here to discuss all the wonderful ways of failing. Join us at Alfred Institute in Tel Aviv for a Signup-Event, receive your free membership button, and become a FAILED ARTIST today!

Facebook Event

Saturday, 13.1.2018, 11:00 – 15:00

Alfred Institute
Simtat Shlush 5
Tel Aviv – Yaffo 6684714

About F.A.I.:
Founded by german media artist Florian Egermann in 2017, FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL held events at „Schmiede – Playground for Ideas“ (Austria), Kunstmuseum Bochum and „Chaos Communication Congress“ (Germany).
Instagram: failed-artists

Presentation / Talk

Invitited by Accomplices – Verein zur Erkundung multimedialer Ausdrucksformen