Performance: “GER : FLO”

You don´t want to watch the world cup? Now you can, in a organized fashion. Kick-off: Monday, June 30st, 22:00, “Institut für alles Mögliche”, Schererstr. 10, Berlin-Wedding.

Exhibiton: Local non off line

“Fluids” is part of the net-art exhibition “Local non offline” 4.5.2014, Gold+Beton/Bruch&Dallas/Boutique, Ebertplatz, Cologne

Exhibition / workshop

Exhibition: “Second Unit” at b_seite, Festival für visuelle Kultur, Mannheim. 15.-23.3., Hafenstraße 68, 68159 Mannheim Workshop (not related): Graphic Design for Bands 17.03.2014 18:30, Jugendkulturzentrum FORUM Mannheim

Performance: “is this dancing”

Florian Egermann (Cologne, DE), Jan Luke (Frankfurt, DE), Lilla Magyari (Nijmegen, Budapest, HU) Johannes Vogel (Nijmegen, Frankfurt, DE) 1.2.2014, 21ih 3de wal, waalbandijk 22, Nijmegen

Artist talk, screening, concert

24.11. 16h – Double Feature_Artist Talk: Kevin Pawel Matweew + Florian Egermann 2.12. 16h – Screening Florian Egermann: Performances, Musikclips & Beobachtungen in 25fps Gold + Beton, Ebertplatzpassagen, Cologne _ 6.12. Concert: Fleg (solo) + tba FORUM Mannheim


“PCC: PRISM CARBON COPY is a script for Mac OS X. Once installed, every email you send will be automatically forwarded to the NSA Public and Media Affairs (” Download:

Lüneburg Safari

Public Intervention and investigation of Lüneburg´s city-space. Group project with wielebenwir, by invitation from im-Feld e.V. 12.10.-13.10., Lüneburg


Tomorrow: Launch of  a new project with wielebenwir: “Stadtrampe“. 15.9.2013, Cologne


Free cargo bike for cologne, website now online.